Alizes Little Angels:

Let me introduce my self Im Alize’,
I read children’s books for children, I  started reading on you tube on December 1, 2014, for children that were either in Foster or Adoptive, or even Orphange Situations, and it became a monthly trend. I started my career as Alize’ De La Strawberry in 2003 in Bakersfield California,  I became Miss Casablanca, where I was able  to raise $1,400.00 that year for different HIV – AIDS charities in Bakersfield. A few months into my reign as Miss Casablanca, I moved to Long Beach California, where I soon became Miss Gay Long Beach, which I reigned in Bakersfield as we’ll as Miss Gay Long Beach at the same time, and I would go back and forth every other weekend from Bakersfield to Long Beach to complete my obligations to each city. While I was in the Imperial Court Of Long Beach. It was such an honor to be apart of such a amazing organization, started by the late Widow Norton Mother Jose, after stepping down as Miss Casablanca as well as Miss Gay Long Beach. I was able to get the biggest responsibility of my life in March 2004. Becoming Grand Duchess of Long Beach, during my reign as  Grand Duchess Of long Beach, I learned so many amazing traits about myself, and I was able to learn who I was as an individual, during that year I was able to start the first Junior Mr. and Miss Gay Pride Pageant, I shaved my head on stage for Locks of Love, I was able to have a functions every month,  where I raised $16,000.00 to help donate to four different organizations in Long Beach, After a few years off from doing drag, I was contacted by Todd Kachachinski Kottmeier Author of asking me if I would like to be interviewed for his book titled So You Want To Be A Female Impersonator. The Largest Drag Queen Guide in History, which I accepted and was honored to be a huge part of Drag Queen History, furthermore I am now able to reach all kinds of children across the world by reading children stories on Youtube under Alizes Little Angels, to give a opportunity for a child to be able to get a childhood story read to them, I have over 50 thousand followers across America, Currently I am working the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, as well as Children with Hair Loss, where I am currently running a Go Fund Me Event, where all Donations I Raise will be donating equally to both organizations,  and lastly I will be donating my hair on YouTube May 2nd, 2016.


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I feel that Children are our future! And with out children what Kind of Future are we expected to have, where ever there are Children and if you are able to help them in any way, you should!